Social Sibs for Complex Communication Needs

This projects is based on the findings from the original Social Sibs project. The current investigation will target neurodiverse children with ASD and complex communication needs and their neurotypical siblings. The study examines the effects of the “hybrid” intervention practice (sibling-mediation + video modeling) while incorporating any augmentative and assistive communication(AAC) devices. Outcomes will be analyzed concerning feasibility of the intervention, including how the siblings learn the intervention, as well as the graduate student clinicians providing the treatment. The effect of this intervention on social interactions between the siblings involved in the intervention will be analyzed. kids-playing-md

College from an Autistic Viewpoint: Experiences from Across the Spectrum

Through interactive interviews, Portland State University students who self-identify as on the spectrum are able to share their insights and ideas regarding their first-hand experiences as college students on the PSU campus. The goal of College from an Autistic Viewpoint: Experiences from Across the Spectrum is to learn about the successes and challenges experienced by autistic college students at Portland State University, and to develop collaborative ideas regarding resources, as well as supports that may improve their college experiences.